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Mediation for Reconciliation

International Labor Day: Workers Want to End the Division

Gaza- Sunday,1/5/2011 To promote the tentative agreement the has been signed by Hamas and Fateh in Cairo recently, labor resources center distributed the Palestinian flags holding a slogan ” On the first of May workers want to end the division” among drivers and people in the streets. This activity is considered unprecedented initiative from the Palestinian workers  that rejects division ... Read More »

One Blood…One Home

Gaza- Thursday, 7/4/2011 Since 2007, the Palestinian people have been living a painful division which is added to the siege which has been imposed on Gaza since 2006. Along those years of division, the Palestinians confronted very hard situations and they tried to unite their political parties and have a national reconciliation. These efforts are still going on, launched by ... Read More »

Where Does the PA Stand these days? Neither Dismantling The PA Nor The Resignation of President Abbass is Considered!

Palthink for Strategic Studies organized on Wednesday 15th of December 2010 in Gaza a roundtable discussion entitled “the The Palestinian Israeli peace talks …. What are the options “.  This workshop aimed at exploring the possible alternatives for  PA after Israel’s refusal to freeze settlements activities and USA’ regression to put pressure on Israel.  The session was moderated by director ... Read More »

Women’s Role In The National Reconciliation Committees

Gaza- Monday, 25th Oct, 2010-  To empower the role of the Palestinian woman in the national reconciliation, PalThink for strategic studies in cooperation with Palestinian working woman society for development organized a workshop entitled,” The role of women and women associations in the Palestinian national reconciliation”. Some of the social activists recommended empowering the role of the Palestinian woman in ... Read More »

Palestinian Youth Call for National Reconciliation through Wall Painting Activity

The Youth Forum of PalThink for Strategic Studies organized on Monday a wall painting activity in cooperation with Artists for Freedom youth group. The wall painting entitled “Youth for National Reconciliation” has been carried out in the downtown of Gaza city in one of its main and crowded streets. The artists started their wall painting activity early in the morning. ... Read More »

Empowering The Role of Community In The National Reconciliation

In a conference entitled ” Empowering the Role of Community in the National Reconciliation” organized by Pal think for Strategic Studies in Gaza city, intelligentsia , journalists, jurists, and representatives of the Palestinian political, social, academic forces confirmed on the necessity to restore the national unity in the West Bank and the Gaza strip; end the geopolitical division, and the ... Read More »

The Horizon of The Palestinian Dialogue Discussing The Palestinian Dialogue’s Dimensions

Since its leading role in achieving and supporting the reconciliation and the success of the Palestinian dialogue, Pal-think conducted a workshop titled:  The Horizon of the Palestinian dialogue discussing the Palestinian dialogue’s dimensions, current status and destiny. The workshop took place at Pal-think’s headquarter in Gaza on Thursday, 9th of April 2009. It was hosted by MR. Omar Shaban, the ... Read More »

Pal-Think Initiative on Gaza’s Reconstruction and Development

We, the undersigned, are a group of leaders and major contributors in Palestinian civil society, private sector and academia who are deeply concerned with the aftermath of Israel’s war on Gaza and the necessity to ensure the success and sustainability of Gaza’s reconstruction and development. The war has come after a continued suffocating siege beginning in mid June of 2007 ... Read More »

Visions to Support the Palestinian National Reconciliation

Following its utmost efforts to enhance the Palestinian reconciliation, Pal-think Institute for Strategic Studies organized a conference entitled “Visions to support the Palestinian National Reconciliation”. The aim of the conference , held on Sunday 15 March 2009 , was to enrich the ongoing Palestinian dialogue and to enhance the role of the civil society towards achieving a sustainable national reconciliation. ... Read More »

National Reconciliation… From the Law’s point of view.

In Cooperation with BAR Association in Gaza PalThink Centre for Strategic Studies held a workshop entitled “National Reconciliation… From the Law’s point of view”. Twenty five legislative personnel and thinkers representing different fields participated in the workshop. This workshop was an extension to workshops held by Pal Think Centre within its interest in National Reconciliation and its attempt to bridge ... Read More »