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Croatia and Palestine: Two spaces, two conflicts – common desire for peace

As a continuation of Pal-Think work on reconciliation and peace processes in Palestine, a Palestinian delegation consistent of civil society activists including representatives from Pal-Think, have been in Croatia to engage in a comparative study visit on human rights, peace building and reconciliation. The visit was a part of a project, jointly implemented by PalThink, IPEMED and the Centre for ... Read More »

Photo Exhibition entitled: “Palestine Through The Eyes of Orientalists”

The Youth Forum for Unity and Tolerance at Pal-Think for Strategic Studies, and in coordination with Al-Quds House For Palestinian Studies, organized a unique photo exhibition entitled?: “Palestine Through The Eyes of Orientalists” A collection of 40 pictures of rare orientalist paintings of Palestine, from the 17th and 18th centuries, were exhibited at one of Gaza’s hotels. The exhibition included ... Read More »

Alwazir: the Palestinian Banking sector is Strong and Ready to Contribute in the Palestinian Reconciliation.

 Gaza, Edward Said forum- the cultural forum of PalThink for Strategic Studies has organized a seminar to discuss the situation of the Palestinian banking system , hosting Dr. Jehad Alwazir, governor of Palestine Monetary Authority,  as the main speaker. The seminar witnessed a great attendance by journalists, politicians, businessmen and academics the fact which enriched the discussion about the role of ... Read More »

UN Recognition is a Must and we should not Expect Great Outlook

Gaza, 2 August 2011 Through a meeting via video conference, Dr. Nasser Al-Qudwa, former Palestinian Ambassador to the UN in New York and ex-Palestinian Foreign Minister, stats that going to the UN Security Council to get recognition of an independent Palestinian state is irreversible decision, and there are many possible Israeli scenarios would emerge on the ground. Nasser Al-Qudwa was ... Read More »

Egyptian Efforts to Relax Rafah Crossing

Gaza, Thursday- 21/7/2011 PalThink hosts the Egyptian ambassador to the PA via video conference from Ramallah. The Ambassador promised more improvements on Rafah crossing and stated that Egypt does its best to prevent a new Israeli military operation against Gaza. His promises came through the second session of “Face the Public Program” that was launched by PalThink for Strategic Studies ... Read More »

Fourth Session of Face the Public; The Executive Manager of Electricity Company, Stated: “The Electricity Issue should be Totally Neutralized from the Conflict

Gaza – Monday – 23 August 2010 A session, was conducting with the electricity crisis in Gaza, was organized by Pal think yesterday, and hosting Mr. waleed salman the executive manager of electricity company. This session comes in the frame of “toward diversified, democratic, institutionalized, political system in Palestine” project, in partnership with the German friderich ebert association, and with ... Read More »

Third Session of Face the Public; Tony Blair: Significant Changes Regarding Gaza Blockade will be Noticed Soon

Gaza- Tuesday, June 22, 2010 In an address to civil society leaders in Gaza, Quartet representative Tony Blair called on Palestinian political factions to build on international efforts to ease the Israel’s crossings by accelerating their efforts towards intra-Palestinian reconciliation. “Things should be more practical, the Palestinian parties should achieve the national reconciliation,” he said, speaking via video-conference in Jerusalem ... Read More »

The Representative of EU to Palestine: The EU is Standing by Palestinians to Achieve the Goal of Creating the Palestinian State

Gaza- Wednesday, May 26, 2010 — Mr. Christian Berger the representative of EU to the Palestinian territories confirmed that EU will keep standing by the Palestinians to achieve the goal of creating democratic, prosperous and peaceful Palestinian State. The statement came during the second session of Face the Public program that is organized by PalThink for Strategic Studies in cooperation ... Read More »

Session with Mr. John Ging- Director of UNRWA operations

Gaza- Monday, May 17, 2010 — Mr. John Ging the director of UNRWA operations in Gaza Strip urged the international community to increase its support to UNRWA which is facing a critical financial crisis. Mr. Ging’s statement came in the first session of “Face the Public Program” that was launched by PalThink for Strategic Studies in cooperation with Friedrich Ebert ... Read More »

PalThink launches Face the Public Program

GAZA CITY, May. 15 — PalThink for Strategic Studies in partner ship whith Friedrich Ebert Stiftung launches new program entitled “Face the Public”. This program which is a part of the project “Towards a diversified, democratic and institutionalized Political system in Palestine” aims at deepening the debate and the awareness around the core issues that matter the Palestinian people as ... Read More »