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Youth Coalition Holds First English Club Meeting

Gaza – 15/6/2016: In the kick off meeting of the reading club – one of the activities implemented by the Youth Coalition for Reconciliation and Tolerance (YCRT) of Pal-think – Dr. Mosheer Amer, Public Relations Head and Prof of Linguistics and Discourse Analysis at the IUG, along with many students from different universities in Gaza were gently invited to attend ... Read More »

Some Youth in Gaza Experienced Election for the First Time

Gaza – The Youth Coalition for Reconciliation and Tolerance of Pal-Think for Strategic Studies continued its work that aim to raise youth awareness and to empower them to fight for their political and legitimate rights.  The Coalition conducted a meeting entitled, “Youth Talks.” This meeting formed initiative that discussed the objectives and the action plan for this year. Moreover, during the ... Read More »

Youth Coalition for Reconciliation and Tolerance meets Danish Consul

Gaza – 16/5/2016: In a step for resuming the activities of Youth Coalition for Reconciliation and Tolerance – Palthink, a number of YCRT members met Danish Consul, Anders Friborg, and Political attaché, Mrs. Malin, to discuss the reality of youth as well as problems and challenges facing them due to the siege and division. They additionally conversed about the role ... Read More »

Youth Coalition for Reconciliation and Democracy (YCRD) held meeting entitled “How People View Democracy”

Gaza – 16th Dec 2015, Youth Coalition for Reconciliation and Democracy (YCRD), under the umbrella of Pal-Think for strategic studies, organized a meeting entitled “How People View Democracy.”, Attended by many youth from several backgrounds, and More than 15 member of the coalition participated in the session in order to exchange ideas related to democracy. The meeting started with a ... Read More »

Pal-Think trains youth to engage in direct political dialogue through a focus on “Hearing Sessions”

It is the experience of Pal-Think that the Palestinian youth is highly motivated to take civic- and political responsibility for the development of the Palestinian society but all too often they do not have the proper tools or methods to do so. While the Palestinian youth are some of the most educated in the region the lack of real life ... Read More »

“Meet the youth” is a new initiative by Pal-Think to enhance dialogue across political opinion

Aiming to strengthen and deepen the culture of constructive dialogue between youth, local political officials and other sectors within society, Pal-Think for Strategic Studies have initiated and launched a range of dialogue sessions to take place within the next couple of months. The “MEET THE YOUTH” initiative focuses on strengthening the Palestinian youth and their engagement in civic and political ... Read More »


Throughout the period of the last two months, Pal-Think for Strategic Studies have facilitated a range of workshops and seminar aiming to capacitate the Palestinian youth in Gaza, and to promote cultural and community awareness of civic and political issues. Under the headline of ‘Youth as Agents of Positive Change’ the aim of the engagement have been to include youth ... Read More »

ICRC Provides a Training Program in International Humanitarian Law for Members of the Youth Forum at PalThink for Strategic Studies

In an attempt to enhance knowledge and build the capacity of the Palestinian youth through providing educational activities, Pal-Think for Strategic Studies organizes a training program, given by the ICRC, in “International Humanitarian Law” for members of the Youth Forum for Unity and Tolerance at Pal-Think. This program is a 2-days long program that aims at enriching youth’s knowledge about ... Read More »

Pal-Think Supports a Number of Youth Initiatives Aiming at Enhancing Social Reconciliation in Gaza

Gaza – Palestine: In an attempt to unify and gather the voice of the Gazan youth under one umbrella, and in continuation to its efforts in enhancing social reconciliation among people, the Youth Forum for Unity and Tolerance at Pal-Think for Strategic Studies organized two separate events, in cooperation with the Youth Network for Enhancing the Reconciliation – a network ... Read More »

In a meeting that gathered the majority of youth initiatives in the Gaza Strip: Formulation of Youth Network to advocate and lobby for the Reconciliation

Gaza: Attended by different groups of students, young activists, public and academic figures, and representatives from civil society organizations, the Youth Forum for Unity and Tolerance, at Pal-Think for Strategic Studies, organized a brainstorming session entitled “Towards Forming a Youth Support Network for the Reconciliation.” More than 65 people from Fatah and Hamas movements, and active youth initiatives such as ... Read More »