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Are the Palestinians Ready for Independence?

By: Omar Shaban  The current Palestinian leadership does not appear ready for sudden independence. Despite the push for Palestinian statehood, there remains weaknesses in the Palestinian political establishment that undermine this quest. Political and social fragmentation, a lack of representative leadership and an inability to apply the rule of law seem to indicate that if Palestine were to become an ... Read More »

Egypt and Hamas—Cooperation in the Works? – By Omar Shaban

By: Omar Shaban  Egypt, which enjoys friendly relations with both the Palestinian Authority and Israel, understands that it must normalize relations with Hamas to be able to act as a mediator between the three parties. The Egyptian government, which has yet to achieve convincing results in the fight against terrorist groups in Sinai, is also in need of Hamas’ cooperation ... Read More »

New Gaza War Inevitable without International Action

By: Omar Shaban  With the exception of the extremely slow reconstruction process of what was destroyed during the last Israel-Gaza war in the summer of 2014, the conditions that preceded that war remain in place. The Palestinian reconciliation process remains cosmetic, negotiations for a truce between Israel and Hamas that were supposed to resume under Egyptian auspices have stalled, and ... Read More »

The Palestinian Municipal Election should include Gaza as well – By Omar Shaban

By: Omar Shaban The Palestinian national consensus government decided to hold Palestinian municipal elections in October  2016 in the west bank only without the Gaza governorates .It may be somewhat justified that the elections took place in the first time in 2012  without including the  governorates of Gaza under the political division, but there will be no justification  to exclude ... Read More »

EU Global Strategy Expert Opinion – No44 – 17 March 2016, Omar Shaban

Omar Shaban Founder and Director PalThink for Strategic Studies, Gaza It is clear that today’s world is less secure than it was 25 years ago; traditional threats are now accompanied by new ones, which are relatively more dangerous. In particular, radicalism and terrorism, fuelled by wars in the Middle East, have transcended domestic borders and become internationalized. Millions of refugees ... Read More »

Russia is officially in the region: A new Order has just begun

By: Fadi Elhusseini Since the outbreak of the Syrian uprising, Russia has limited itself to its traditional role of providing arms as well as military and logistical experts to its Arab allies. As Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime weakened, the Russians intensified their military support dramatically. Recently, the Russian ‘Caesar’ opted to expand his role in Syria to include direct ... Read More »

Commentary on Exporting the Gaza Gas to Jenin: Monopoly is hitting the Palestinian economy and society again and again

By: Omar Shaban At a time that might have been carefully chosen as most of the Palestinians are busy and preoccupied by following the political news, as well as with a calmness that does not suit the seriousness of the subject, an agreement between Palestine Investment Fund, in its capacity as trustee on behalf of the Palestinian people with respect to ... Read More »

What it means to cancel Oslo, By: Omar Shaban

By: Omar Shaban  Palestinians continue to demand the cancellation of the Oslo Accords signed in 1993 between the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), as the representative of the Palestinian people, and the government of Israel. Oslo was intended to end the state of hostility between the PLO and Israel and to mark a new era of peacemaking, but has since turned ... Read More »

From exchange of rockets to exchange of messages: Analysing the relations between Hamas and Israel

By: Omar Shaban  In the aftermath of the 2014 war in Gaza, both Israel and Hamas seem to be looking for ways to sustain a long-term truce. The war, which has had a devastating impact on the lives of Palestinians living in Gaza, is the third of its kind in  less than a decade and has taken the lives of more than 2,000 Palestinians and 71 Israelis.1 ... Read More »

The Gaza Strip Today: The Challenges and Potential

By: Bahaa Eddin Al-Dahoudi Besides experiencing three destructive wars in less than ten years – Operation Cast Lead, Operation Pillar of Defense, and Operation Protective Edge – the Gaza Strip has suffered since 2007 from two unprecedented major political events that affect both the lives and future aspirations of the Palestinians: the Israeli blockade and internal division. The Gaza Strip, ... Read More »